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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Use of the AS CW Prosign

I notice that a lot of stations I work on CW are unfamiliar with the AS prosign which means “stand by”. I wish that more hams were familiar with this prosign because I know of many times when the phone would ring with a important call from my doctor or pharmacy that I needed to take or someone would be knocking on the door I would send AS and then the other station would start sending again at length as if I'd never sent it. I had mentioned this on several CW/Amateur Radio related Facebook pages and GQ0SDT Jonathon in the U.K. stated that is us older more experienced CW operator's responsibility to educate the newer CW operators about this and he is exactly right so that's why I'm posting this on my blog and I hope that others who read this will share this information! I also contacted QST and CQ Magazines and ask if they would ask their CW columnists to mention it in their magazine columns to educate the newer operators about the AS prosign. Pass it on! Until next post very 73!


  1. I, for one, appreciate this bit of knowledge. CW prosigns are also used in the digital modes, where I feel most comfortable operating.

    Without sounding like the dreaded "CBers" who insist on using Q codes in phone modes, is there an appropriate prosign or phrase that can be used. Text messagers have developed "BRB" (be right back). If not, I would think something like "this is XXX and I'll be back in a minute".

    Yours in good hamming es VY 73 de

    Joe KJ8O

  2. When I'm on digi modes I just type and send PSE STAND BY followed by PHONE CALL OR SOMEONE AT THE DOOR.