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Hi all. I am age 62 and was happily married to Irene for 27 years until her untimely death on March 24th, 2012. I have 3 children, 2 sons, 1 daughter, and 1 grandson, 3 granddaughters, My hobby and favorite past time for 27 years as of October 16, 2023 is "Amateur Radio", better known as Ham Radio. I make friends all over the world using voice, digital, and International Morse Code. CW (Morse Code) is my favorite mode!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I write this entry with much sadness at the recent loss of my good friend WA2BEN Ben Lipton who recently passed on. Ben was a great friend whom I spoke with for many years on ham radio and is sorely missed! I always loved his great sense of humor, especially the funny things he would say on the air when bickering back and forth with WZ4I Mark. They had the type of relationship where they would continuously put each other down, all in fun of course! If Ben and Mark were nice to each other on the air I would have thought that something was definitely amiss! I got many good chuckles out of the things those two would say to each other! May God bless and keep Ben by his side through all eternity! Heaven is a better place with the presence of Ben Lipton!



  1. I have older ham friends who have helped me tremendously. They have the most delightful sperits and never passup the opportunity to crack a joke, on or off the air. I appreciate your sentiment here, and my thoughts go out to you.

  2. Hi guys my name is Scott Lipton, and I happened to do a Google search looking for pictures of my dad when I came along this. That pic is without a doubt my father, i know next to nothing about his passing and his friends. There is one person I recognize in the photo besides my father. I would love to get in contact with the gentlemen to the right of my father or anyone with more info. I was very happy to see there was a dinner remembering him and the piece you wrote about him was spot on. Miss you Dad RIP

    1. Scott, this is Mark H. A friend of your dad.

      Your dad and I had a great relationship. We were always putting on a show for the others, by passing insults to each other in person, and over the amateur radio. Of course it was only an act. Your dad and I were very good friends. My wife always referred to him as 'Crazy Ben'. Like Clifford had stated your dad and I used to ride motorcycles together. Well until the day he had a minor spill on one of our mountain roads. He used to tell everyone that I jammed a broom stick in the spokes of his front wheel, causing him to crash. Of course I played right along with his story! You dad knew his days were short, but he NEVER let that get him down. He could always seem to find a smile, no matter what. Trust me, your dad will ALWAYS be remembered as one of the good guys, and we sure do miss him a lot....

  3. Scott, The guy to the right of your Dad is Roger Davis.He used to talk on CB radio by the handle "Yankee Boy". I haven't heard from Roger and have also been told by a couple other folks that he has passed on. Yankee Boy was a appropriate name for him, he's from Northern Minnesota and kinda looks like one of those big lumberjacks! He came to my house and installed a antenna and 30 feet mast up in a tree with a set of tree climber spikes when he was 65 years old.He was in super condition for age 65 and could have laid a whipping on me easily, but Roger was funny and fun to just talk with. Ben was a great guy and I talked with him a lot and I loved the Long Island accent. Funny how such a distinguishable accent can be at one little area of the U.S.I asked Mark WZ4I if he could give some more info on your Dad. They were the 2 guys on the air that cracked me up by throwing insults at each other every little bit during their conversations.

  4. Oh yea, and they sometimes rode their motorcycles together on touring rides.

  5. thank you guys so much for the info unfortunately my "family" hasn't told me anything. I'm so glad he had so many friends who truly cared. Mark i remember him telling me the story of laying the goldwing down and hurting his arm he loved motorcycles ever since i could remember that and radios of any sort. Im getting a tattoo next month does anyone know what he would consider his dream setup? i think a that would be an awesome way to honor him and honestly my earliest memories were of his love of cb radio and motorcycles. My Brother is getting the tattoo that my dad had on his arm in remembrance. Id love to talk to dean the other fellow in that picture if someone could pass along my email to him Its Again cliff and mark thank you guys so much